Photo of a white wall with a poster in the center in a black frame, with a cluster of five photographs in black frames on either side

Photo by Aleks Magnusson on Pexels

Gallery walls have been a popular trend in home décor for the past few years, and they are still going strong — for good reason! Gallery walls are a stylish and fun way to decorate your home and display your memories at the same time. You may be browsing Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you figure out how to create the perfect gallery wall for you.

What Is A Gallery Wall?

A gallery wall is simply a collection of visual pieces arranged on one wall of your home. These pieces can be photos or artwork, framed or unframed, in standard sizes or irregular shapes — as a gallery wall, they form one collection.  You can even mix and match photos and art pieces, or add mirrors and shelves to break up the look. What truly makes a gallery wall is what you choose to include.

 A dark blue wall hung with over 15 assorted paintings and images of different sizes in a variety of frame styles

What To Put On A Gallery Wall?

Just like any piece of home décor, a gallery wall serves as a reflection of who you are. The easiest way to decide what to put on your gallery wall is to choose a theme. This can be as specific as “photos you took of the ocean during your world travels” or as all-encompassing as “family.” Consider what you want to showcase, what makes you happy, and what matches your existing space.

If you love to travel, frame a world map for the center of your wall, then add your favorite travel photos around it. You can complement these with souvenirs and trinkets or postcards and artwork. Or, if you’re drawn to the beauty of landscapes, collect photos you’ve taken as well as professional pictures and art pieces, then frame and hang them together.

Of course, many gallery walls feature the family and friends we love. Seeing big, smiling faces and reminiscing about fun memories together will always make you happy! Add old family photos and new ones; include your child’s artwork or your grandfather’s army picture. Think about what you love about your loved ones and showcase it!

Ten assorted photos in different-sized white frames hung on a wall over a blue couch.


Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

Where Should You Put A Gallery Wall?

Gallery walls can make a statement anywhere in your home. Similar to painting a wall in a bright accent color, a gallery wall draws attention. Where you choose to hang pictures to create your gallery wall depends on your home and the theme you’ve chosen.

Some popular areas for gallery walls include the living room, either above the couch or around the TV, on the wall along a staircase, in your entryway or hallway to greet visitors, or even in your bedroom.

You may be getting lots of ideas and wondering if there’s such a thing as too many gallery walls. The good news is that there’s no official rule here — do what you prefer! If you have a few different themes in mind, create multiple gallery walls around your home. Hang pictures of food or vintage recipe cards in your kitchen. Show off photos of your children growing up in the stairwell. Put your wedding photos in your bedroom above your bed to remind you and your spouse of that special day every morning and night. The possibilities are endless!

Eight framed black and white photos of mountain peaks all in matching square black frames with white mats.

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Choosing The Right Frames For Your Gallery Wall

Once you decide what you want to showcase on your gallery wall — or walls — the next step is of course choosing which pictures or art pieces to include, and then framing and mounting them. Some things you’ll want to consider are whether you want everything the same size or to mix and match, whether to use the same frame color or a range of colors, and whether you want to mat your images or not. These are all stylistic choices only you can make.

One of the most important things to remember, though, is that your photos or art pieces are the true focal points of your gallery wall. Your goal is to showcase your memories and let them shine.

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