A pile of wrapped gifts with white, brown, and red wrapping paper and decorative bows.

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The holiday season is here, and so is the time to find the perfect gifts. In the past, you might have taken the easy route and picked up a gift card, travel mug, or new accessory. This year, though, why not give a more personalized gift?

Nothing says you care quite like giving a loved one something that allows them to enjoy their hobbies. Whether they like doing puzzles, watching movies and ordering their art, or taking photographs, displaying memories of favorite activities is something everyone loves to do.

Keep reading for ideas of frame sizes and styles we offer here at Frame Amo that will help you, while you help them, do just that!

Frames For Puzzle Enthusiasts

A completed puzzle of a scene in Paris, France, is displayed on a wooden table surrounded by puzzle boxes.

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Puzzles might not be for everyone, but for some, putting all of the puzzle pieces together is one of their favorite pastimes. Show your friends and family some extra love and give them a puzzle-perfect frame! 

No two 500-piece, 1,000-piece, or even 13,000-piece puzzles are exactly the same. There is a lot of variation in completed puzzle sizes, which is why you need a wide selection of frame sizes to choose from. At Frame Amo, we offer hundreds of choices.

For larger puzzles, think about ordering something like our 24x29 Modern Black Picture Frame. We made this frame using a durable wood composite material and used acrylic for the front face instead of glass to ensure the most long-lasting display. This frame is perfect for hanging a completed puzzle in a landscape or portrait orientation.

For those who enjoy doing smaller puzzles, our 15x19 Modern Black Picture Frame is a great choice. Depending on the size of the puzzle pieces themselves, this will fit 50-piece and even some 100-piece puzzles. This frame was made with the need for durability and style in mind so that any recipient of this gift will be glad they have a secure way to hang their completed puzzles and share them with others.

Frames For Movie Fanatics

A poster of the movie Shine hangs on the wall in a simple black frame behind a lit lamp.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels

For movie fanatics, memorabilia, such as posters of the cast, quotes, and more, can be treasured keepsakes. These posters allow someone to share their love of movies with others while creating a unique aesthetic — but only if they’re displayed in the perfect frame.

Whether by a quick search or by having access to the poster they’re going to display, figuring out which frame size will be best is where you’ll want to start.

One standard movie poster size is 11x17. Whether it is a poster of The Sandlot, Star Wars, or another classic, you can count on our 11x17 Modern Black Picture Frame to deliver a perfect fit. This frame is made from a protective wood composite material and features a simple black finish that allows any colorful or vintage movie poster to shine. If they have multiple posters, we offer a pack of four 11x17 frames that you can order, too!

24x36 is another popular poster size, and because it is on the larger side, you won’t be able to find this size just anywhere. Our 24x36 Satin White Picture Frame can be paired beautifully with black and white movie posters. The durable construction and sleek satin finish make this frame the best in style and protection for showcasing any classic posters.

No matter which you choose, gifting a frame for their favorite posters this year will make the holiday season one to remember!

Frames For Photography Lovers

A person holds a black camera as they get ready to take a picture of a landscape.

Photo by Satria Bagaskara on Pexels

For the go-to family photo taker, the friend that loves to stop and take a picture of the sunset, and everyone in between, giving the photographer in your life frames they can use to share their images with the world is a gift they’ll remember forever.

To help them create a display that is both modern and elegant, we recommend choosing matted frames. Matted frames help to elevate the display from simple to professional with ease. Each frame includes a premium-grade picture mat that will protect and enhance the image inside. We use durable materials for a long-lasting solution and keep the finish simple so that no matter what aesthetic the recipient of these frames wants to create, they can do so without worry. The best part? You can choose from a variety of matted frame sizes to find a secure fit for every image!

With pictures, the size of the chosen frame is going to vary, but the sleek aesthetic created doesn’t have to. Browse our selection of photo mats, both in black and white, to upgrade the display your photography lover has created. Our mats are made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose paper that is free from acid and lignin to create a fade- and bleed-resistant display.  

The pictures they’ve taken are worth a thousand words — help them beautifully display each one.

Finding The Right Frame For Every Memory

At Frame Amo, we understand the importance of having the right frame. We offer over 300 picture frame sizes, including those hard-to-find ones, so you can find the exact fit regardless of the memory it holds.

We know that the frame you choose to give doesn’t just have to be perfect in size, but it has to be perfect in style, too. That’s why our selection of frames allows you to choose from black frames, satin white frames, and even walnut brown frames, with or without matting.

With your expertise in the life of the ones you love and ours in frames, you’re sure to strike gift-giving gold this holiday season. Browse our selection and start crossing gifts off of your list today!

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