A wooden arrow sign that reads “Wedding” pointing in the direction of the event.

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On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Up until now, this may just be the biggest day of your life. Why not make it one you’ll remember for years to come? 

Whether you’ve been planning for six months or six years, there are hundreds of details that go into making your wedding dreams come to life. You have to think about color schemes, the guest list, and what food will be served and that’s just the beginning!

An important step in the planning process is figuring out how to communicate with your guests. While you’re getting ready for the day, they will need to know if they are in the right location, where to sit, and even details that help them reminisce on how you and your partner’s love has grown. Adding signage to your décor can help you do just that while adding personal, stylistic details to your theme.

Essential Wedding Signs To Have

Having the right wedding signs for your big day isn’t just for the aesthetic, but it also helps provide guests with the information they need. From welcoming them to the ceremony to taking them on a journey of your relationship through tabletop pictures and stories, wedding signage can make this day as special for the ones you love as it is for you. 

Signs For Your Ceremony

A sign that says “All because they met and fell in love” is displayed on a chalkboard sign with flowers and a pink heart.

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The signs you display at your wedding ceremony will be the first thing the guests see as they wait. Whether you’re welcoming them to the special occasion or letting them know your ceremony is “unplugged'' (no phones or pictures), you can pick and choose which signs to display that fit your wants and needs best.

One of the most popular signs to have at a ceremony is something that welcomes the guests. It can be something that you came up with as a couple or something you saw online and want to recreate. Either way, this sign is a great way to set the mood for the rest of your wedding. 

Another sign you may want to consider pays tribute to people in your life that have passed away. You can include names, pictures, and messages on the signs you create to pay tribute to the relationship you had with them. Plus, it’ll allow you and the guests to feel their presence as you tie the knot.

Though they seem like details that can be overlooked, you will be glad you included a way to create an ambiance full of romance and joy for your guests!

Signs For Your Reception

A copper-colored sign with the menu of a meal at a wedding reception is displayed on the table.

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At the reception, guests will want to know what table they are seated at, what food and drinks are available, and most importantly, how to continue to help you celebrate. 

The most important signage to include at your reception is a seating chart. Including a sign that displays who is sitting at which table is key. Choose a larger sign at the front of the venue that displays everyone’s names with the table they’re seated at, or, opt for individual name card signs that guests can take to the table written on the card with their name. Either way, make sure the signage is clear and readable with the fonts and colors you’ve chosen! 

Other signs you may want to have at your reception include menus, signature drink options, and story or photo cards that give details about you and your partner’s relationship. You can display these signs right at the tables or in key spots around the venue.

Signage like this will help you be sure that guests are having a good time and know what you put into the afterparty to make it memorable. It’s all in the details!

What Sizes Should Your Wedding Signs Be?

It’s important to make sure that regardless of what signage you choose to include at your wedding, the size allows all of the special details you included to shine. 

Welcome signage at your ceremony should be big and easy to read. Guests will appreciate being welcomed and seeing the intricacy of the signs you’ve chosen to incorporate into your ceremony. Our 18x24 Satin White Picture Frame With One-Inch Border isn’t just the perfect size to encase your sign but offers the elegance your wedding deserves. Its sleek white coloring will also match any accent colors you’ve featured throughout! 

For your seating chart display, the bigger the better. Having a bigger seating chart frame will help to eliminate any confusion for guests on where to sit so that the party can get started as soon as possible. Quality seating chart frames can be hard to come by, but we offer a wide variety of larger picture frames in different styles so you can find the best fit. For a simple yet elegant frame that can be complemented with the design of your chart, our 24x33 Modern Black Picture Frame With One-Inch Border is a great place to start.

Fueling the night ahead is key and so is making sure your guests know what is on the food and drink menu! Whether you want these signs to be displayed at multiple points throughout the venue or right by key areas like the bar and entrance, you will want to give the signs a stylish and protective home. We suggest looking at our 21x26-17x22 Modern Black Frame With White Mat to start. This frame is beautiful, professional, and a great size for the signage you have. 

Whatever size you need, you can find it at Frame Amo. We offer over 300 different frame sizes. Don’t be constrained by the traditional sizes of prints — create a wedding sign as unique as your special day.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Signs

A sign made of wooden boards displayed outdoors reads “Eat, Drink, and Be Married” with hearts and arrows.

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 The opportunities to create a display that is unique to your love are endless when you make your own wedding signs. It may be easier to have your sign professionally created, but nothing beats the special touch added to your signage when you’ve made it yourself. 

Start by deciding what signs you want to include at your ceremony and reception. Once you know what signs you want to incorporate, you can begin to select the materials the sign is made from, choose color schemes and fonts, and get to crafting! 

Whether you create design prints, order them online, or paint and draw yourself, your DIY displays will be remembered. A DIY tip for those feeling extra crafty is to paint or use Cricut directly onto acrylic fronts. Not only do the acrylic fronts create a chic look, but they are unbreakable, unlike glass fronts. 

The best part? You select the perfect materials, colors, fonts, and display frame yourself. Every part of the sign from idea to finished product will be exactly how you envisioned it to be, and that is truly special. 

Best Frames For Wedding Signage

When you look back on your wedding day, you’ll remember every big moment and the intimate ones in between including the frames you chose for your wedding signs. By using Frame Amo as your source for wedding sign frames, you’ll never second guess whether the frame you chose was the right one. 

Shop our collection of quality frames today and watch your wedding dreams come true!