Bright narrow room with light colored walls and furniture
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If you’ve been paying attention to home decor trends, you know that neutrals have dominated the conversation for the past several years. Shades of taupe, gray, black, and white are often used as foundational colors across the home due to their versatility. While these neutrals will still play an important role moving forward, accent colors are an increasingly important part of interior design.

Accent colors create contrast and add interest to any room. Creative color pairings are a great way to inject your personality into your home decor. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to make updates or a renter decorating your very first apartment, your choice of accent color should make a statement.

Knowing where to layer in your primary and secondary colors is just as important as incorporating an accent color into your home decor. While the accent wall trend is here to stay, it might be more practical to pair a colorful accent chair, fun pillows, or bold wall art with neutral frames and wall colors – especially if you’re a renter. Keep your picture frames neutral to draw attention to the right focal point: the pops of color you’re incorporating into your space.

What is an Accent Color?

Accent colors contrast to or complement the primary colors used in a room. Accent colors should add interest or emphasis to your existing color scheme. Use accent colors sparingly to liven up a more neutral space. The rule of thumb for interior design is 60-30-10: decorate 60 percent of the room in your primary color, 30 percent in a secondary color, and 10 percent in a bold accent color. 

Use accent colors on your wall, throw pillows, furniture, and wall art. When choosing your accent color, think about your style. Are you more modern or traditional? Bright or moody? Also, consider the warm or cool tones underneath your primary and secondary colors. Accent colors should accompany neutral colors of similar depths to add a touch of drama to every room.

Yellow Accent Color Ideas for Your Home Decor

Modern living space with a yellow couch and a matted picture on the wall

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Energize your space with the color of the summer: yellow! Yellow hues ranging from soft to sunny to golden are the perfect contrast to any number of primary colors. Pair soft yellow and blue in your kitchen, sunny yellow and white in your living room, or golden yellow and fuchsia in your bedroom. 

Yellow pairs equally well with black or white frames. Use Frame Amo’s collection of matted black modern frames with 1” borders and premium-grade white matting to provide contrast to a yellow accent chair or bedside table.

Fuchsia Accent Color Ideas for Your Home Decor

Colorful room with teal colored walls and tile floors

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Combine fuchsia and aqua for a vacation home or family room. Paint your walls blue and add pops of fuchsia throughout, including in your wall art. 

White frames will support bold artwork or photographs. Frame Amo’s satin white frames are elegant, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Blue Accent Color Ideas for Your Home Decor

Typewrite on a site table leaning against a couch and a decorated white wall

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Blue is an incredibly versatile choice for accent color. You can use it to liven up a room painted white, pair it with yellow or even other shades of blue! 

Similarly, blue lends itself to a mix and match approach to picture frames. Build an accent wall with coordinating frame sets from Frame Amo. Choose black, white, walnut brown – or a combination of all three!

White Accent Ideas for Your Home Decor

Crisp white can be a great accent to break up blocks of a darker color like navy or black. White provides a refreshing counterpoint to dark wall colors or dark furniture. 

Depending on the undertone of white (cool or warm) in your decor, you can use white or black matting to provide contrast to your walls. Frame Amo’s premium white matting is acid-free, lignin-free, 100% virgin alpha-cellulose paper. All mats are 4-ply (1/16 inch thick). Matted frames add dimension and flair to a photograph or print.

Green Accent Color Ideas for Your Home Decor

Well-lit room with tall glass windows, brown love seat, and a wall with several pieces of art decor.

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Dark green has become increasingly popular as a wall color in living rooms and even kitchens. Incorporate greenery into your interior design to bring the outdoors inside.

Bring earth tones into your wall decor with walnut brown frames and brown matting from Frame Amo. These frames are the perfect everyday frame with a warm color that complements any piece.

How to Select the Correct Frame and Mat for Your Home Decor

We list frames and mats for the exact picture size, with ½ inch display cut off. For example, a 16x24 inch frame will fit a 16x24 inch picture but display 15.5x23.5 inches. An 18x24 inch mat opening is 17x23.5 inches and fits inside a 22x28 inch frame. All Frame Amo products come with a 90-day free return warranty, so you can make an exchange if there is a sizing issue. 

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