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The past few years have been full of changes, including a dramatic increase in remote work. Working from home was an adjustment for many, but it has several benefits for companies and employees. Working from home increases productivity and reduces carbon footprints. Remote work also provides flexibility for doctor’s appointments and daycare pickups. 

Working from home also requires adjustments to your daily routine. If you do not already have a home office, carving out space exclusively for work will result in a better work/life balance. No matter how small or large, you will need a dedicated home office if you work from home.

Decorating a home office isn’t as simple as selecting furniture. Your home office decor should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Lighting, furniture, and wall decor should work together to promote productivity and express your personality!

Home Office Decor Tips

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First and foremost, find a good spot for your desk. Set it against a wall to maximize flow. Position your workstation as close to a natural light source as possible. Working near a window and fresh air will energize and inspire you.

Supplement the natural light sources in your home office with layered lighting – add a table or desk lamp and scatter accent lights throughout the room. Lighting helps create levels and allows you to change positions throughout the day without sacrificing productivity.

Set up a more casual area to help you wind down between meetings and deadlines. A comfortable chair and some throw pillows will do wonders when you need a break.

Home Office Decor Trends

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Are you designing a new home office? Do you need to refresh your current work-from-home space? Stay on top of home decor trends for 2022 when selecting furniture and wall decor for your home office.

Industrial style design is a perennial favorite for home office decor. Clean lines, functional design, and natural materials are conducive to focus. Minimalistic frames and accents complement the industrial design trend.

Keeping your home office furniture sleek, modern and minimal leaves room for bold wall colors and decor. Interior design color trends for 2022 include Pantone’s Very Peri – a vivid violet – alongside serene greens and balancing blues. You can even design your home office around a single wall color or statement piece you love.

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Designing for a small space may mean your home office needs to serve more than one purpose. Integrate your work area into an alcove in your living room and choose multipurpose furniture that can tuck away or expand your workspace.

Home Office Wall Decor Ideas

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Wall decor is an essential part of home decor. Home office wall decor should provide visual inspiration for maximum productivity. The walls of your home office should feature energizing accents to keep the creativity flowing.

Ideas for home office wall decor must compliment your style. Print and frame family portraits, movie posters, and even your children’s artwork! Go for black and white landscape photography or colorful original artworks – the sky's the limit!

Frames are the best way to hang up or display photos, artwork, or notes. Frame Amo offers walnut brown, white, black, and matted frames that you can hang behind your desk, display on a floating shelf, or add to your bookshelves for personal touches around your home office.

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Frame Amo’s frame collections are perfect when creating a picture frame accent wall or picture frame collage. Add patterned wallpaper or layer many frames together to create a gallery wall. Mix and match frame sizes and colors to build a unique picture frame collage that matches your home office aesthetic.

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