A shared space in a home is filled with furniture and décor, and features a picture frame gallery wall.

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As you ring in the new year, you’re probably planning to start new hobbies, set new goals, and map out what you want the year of 2023 to look like. After all, the new year is all about refreshing and resetting.

When deciding how you want your new year to look, don’t just think about jobs, hobbies, and health. Think about what you want your spaces to look like — the spaces you go back to at the end of a long day and the ones that bring you comfort. 

Revamping your home with new décor is not only an effective way to breathe new life into your home, but it makes for a fun project, too. Keep reading for an idea of why you should add frames to your home décor and discover the options that Frame Amo has to help make your dreams a reality!

Why You Should Make Picture Frames Part Of Your Home Décor

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Picture frames are often overlooked when thinking about curating style. However, adding frames to your décor serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. The most obvious purpose is to protect the images you want to display. Whether in shared spaces, bedrooms, or other rooms, showcasing the memories you’ve made and collected along the way is a special part of the decorating process. Quality frames will help protect images from spills, bending, and tears so you can enjoy the special moments they hold for years to come.

When thinking about the aesthetic purposes behind making frames part of your décor, a frame not only enhances the natural beauty of the image it holds, but it also helps you to express your sense of style and personality. 

With picture frames, you allow people to get a glimpse of your stylistic preferences, plus, you get to choose the pictures, posters, and other memories that you show off. Both the picture frames themselves and the memories they hold serve as extensions of yourself.

Finding The Right Frame For Your Style

The first, and most important, question you need to ask yourself when adding frames to your home is: “what frame style do I want to incorporate?” Based on what images will be held inside of the frame and where it will be displayed in your home, you may choose a more modern and simple style or an elegant and traditional style. Either way, your décor concepts will come to life with the frames you choose.

At Frame Amo, we offer protective frame styles that will add dimension, style, and personality to your home — no matter the aesthetic you want to create.

Walnut Brown Picture Frames

A walnut brown picture frame displaying a plain white image is leaning against a wall to the right of a green leafy plant.

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Walnut brown picture frames are a great choice when you want to curate a more traditional and regal style. The dark brown finish of these frames will add a warm and cozy feel to your space, while still being simple enough to allow for design creativity. 

With these frames, you can fill your home with other muted colors, or, you can add pops of color with the other décor and furniture you choose. In our selection, we offer both hanging and tabletop display options in a variety of sizes. You can’t go wrong with any of these options that are durably constructed from wood composite materials and fitted with an acrylic front face. 

Whether displaying a certificate, a family portrait, or other special memories, they will all draw the attention of everyone in the room when displayed in a traditional walnut brown frame. 

Black Picture Frames

A black picture frame displaying a distressed image of the Moon hangs above wooden storage boxes and a black couch in a shared space.

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Looking for frames that will complement a bold or simple room? A black picture frame will make the perfect fit. These frames don’t just make your displayed images look more professional with their sleek black finish, but they also allow for your decorating skills to shine. 

With one of our durably-made black picture frames, you can fill your space with bright patterns and colors or keep it more subdued with softer, dull hues. Like all of our frames, these black frames are constructed with your need for a long-lasting solution in mind. Once you find the best frame size for the image you want to showcase, you can begin to pull the room together around the display you’ve created. 

Hang your assembled frame above your fireplace to enjoy with loved ones, or rest the frame on your desk to keep you motivated while you work. No matter how you choose to display your new frame, there’s no doubt it will help your aesthetic visions come to fruition.

Satin White Picture Frames

Three empty satin white picture frames hang on a wooden wall with greenery leaves shown in the lower left corner of the image.

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For a classier, more upscale look, a satin white picture frame is your best choice. These frames are made from long-lasting materials and feature a white satin finish that is sure to wow anyone who sees it. 

You don’t have to worry about our satin white frames standing out as too elegant or being too fragile to use. Each of them is made from a durable wood MDF material with a finish that is both practical and decorative. 

The best part about satin white frames? The options you have for developing your aesthetic around them are limitless. Add décor in bright colors, patterns, dark finishes, and so much more. 

Find the best size for each special moment and watch your home be transformed into a space of modern elegance!

Matted Frames And Frame Mats

Two black matted picture frames displaying black and white images hang above a bed in a room.

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Matted picture frames are a great way to make your artwork and photos look more professional. You can use matted frames to cut through the busyness of bold colors and patterns or use them to create a cohesive aesthetic of simple modernity.

We offer matted frames that are made from long-lasting materials and feature a premium-grade white mat that lays over top of your image. Each mat is made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose paper that is both fade- and bleed-resistant. The subtle black border of the frames paired with the crisp white mat creates a look that is sophisticated and minimalistic. 

If you already have frames that you rely on to display your treasured memories, our picture frame mats are a great choice. You can order the size that suits your needs best and choose between white mats and black mats based on the style you’re trying to cultivate.

Nothing will put the finishing touches on your home décor redesign quite like a matted picture frame display.

Frame Amo: Everything You Need For The Perfect Display

As you think about new ways to fill your home with different décor and reminders of the things you love most in the new year, Frame Amo is here to help. We have over 300 different frame sizes, offered in a style for everyone, so you can achieve the framed aesthetic of your dreams. 

Whether you want to frame memories you’ve made, memories that have been gifted, or other pieces of art and décor that are meaningful to you, you’re sure to find the perfect frame for it all when you shop with us. 

It’s never too early to prepare for the new year, so shop our frame selections today to turn your house into a home in 2023!

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